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Hello, I’m Eleni and I’m from Greece.  I’m 20 years old and I decided to take part in a volunteering project in Romania while I’m also studying in Greece. My studies’ field is Primary Education and with my EVS I found the opportunity to do something that is relevant with my school and that I like in the same time. I love travelling, meeting new people and cultures, reading books and going skiing in the winters. I also like spending time with kids and learning new languages.

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Hello everyone, I am Esra from Turkey. I am 24 years old and I live in Istanbul. I graduated university and I decided to come Romania to learn beautiful culture and Romanian language. I am volunteer in Nevo Parudimos Association and I will stay almost 1 year in Resita. My project about children and we are going some school and kindergarden in Resita. I am writing some article about here and if you want you can read maybe you can find some useful thing for you.

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Hello everyone, I am Lucas from France, I have 18 years I live in Strasbourg. My passions in life are football, video games; to travel, meet people and ride a motorcycle. My projects in Romania is about to go to several schools in Resita, to set up educational animation for children. And we also have a host of teenagers or we put activities in place every day out of the weekend

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I am Sarah, I come from France, I am 27. I am in EVS (European Volontary Service) for One year in Resita, In Romania.After my studies, I wanted to do a Civic Service in France, and then a European Volontary Service. After my Civic Service, I was hired in “L’Accordeur”, a concert hall near to Bordeaux. After two years, I decided to leave and continue my project and go in EVS in Romania

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I’m Simon, 21 years old, from France and in Reșița since the 21st of January 2019. Last year, I did a Europe tour, in auto-stop during almost 5 months. When I met volunteers of Nevo Parudimos the 1st time, I also was volunteer in a youth hotel in Sofia, in Bulgaria and they came for the week-end. They proposed me to pass in Reșița, I stayed 5 days and I fell in love of Romania. And now I’m here for 1 year, and maybe more…? I play drums and harmonica, and a bit of ukulele and accordion.  I like to travel, to draw, to play games, to hike and to drink beer with friend Blablabla. Come on, let’s go!

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Volunteering and Education for Civic Involvement (VEFCI)




Young, Dynamics and with a strong will. I like to develop activities with young people and I wish to be a trainer. I love develop activities for training the young people and start new initiatives that can involve people from communities. I like to swim and take pictures!

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Hi! I’m Lara, I have 22 years old. I’m a EVS volunteer in Romania, Resița. I come from the north of Spain. In my free time I like to draw, paint, sing and for a few months ago I discovered my great passion for traveling, knowing new cultures and living new experiences. I consider myself a dynamic, sociable and very open minded person, I like to learn new things every day.

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Hey! My name is Nathan. I’m 22 years old and i come from Belgium. I like travelling, nature and sport in general. I decided to make a project of volunteering to discover new culture, meet amazing people from all around the world and travel as much as possible. This kind of experience is also a good opportunity for me to improve my skills as i will work as a educator when i will go back to my country. Now it’s time to enjoy this wonderfull experience !

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Hello everybody! My name is Enes, I came from Istanbul, Turkey. I am 22 years old. I studied International Relationship at Kırklareli University. I finished my formal education, and I wanted improve myself learning more about the Non Formal Education. Now I am a EVS Voluntary in Reşita, Romania. My hobbies are extreme sports, travel and see new places, discover new cultures and learn new knowledge from all of them.

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V for Volunteering (VV)




Hey! My name is Mustafa and I am from Turkey. I am 22. I was looking for opportunities to improve my surroundings and myself, thus I found myself in beautiful Romania. I studied American Literature and had a pedagogical education in Istanbul University so my preoccupations usually involve works of art and linguistics. It already feels soooo good to be a part of Nevo Parudimos.

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My name is Carolina, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Spain. I decided to come to Romania for discovering the country, its people and learn Romanian. But the most important thing for coming here was that I like to get involved in social issues and work in new places as schools. I’m here for one year so I hope I enjoy a lot the experience, learn lot of things and travel around the country everytime I can!

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My name is Lucia, I’m 27 years old, I’m from Italy. I decided to come to Romania to travel, meet new friends, learn a new language and culture. I like nature and animals: during my free time I usually watch documentaries about these arguments. I’m interested in music, history and philosophy. I’ve chosen to participate to this project to help the local community and to share my knowledge of Italian language and culture.

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Yes to Volunteering (YeToVo)



Hello everybody, My name is Nadja, I’m 18 years old and I come from Germany. After my graduation, I wanted to take the opportunity to go abroad and broaden my horizon, so I decided to do a European Voluntary Service in Romania. This program offers me the chance to gather new experiences in culture and language. My responsibilities in Nevo Parudimos include the coordination of a Youth Center, in which we develop daily activities with youngsters. Beside that, I love to travel around and discover new places.

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