Between March 1, 2020 – November 30, 2020, the Nevo Parudimos Association will implement a new volunteering project within the European Solidarity Corps, 2019-2-RO01-ESC11-064252, which will bring for 12 months in Resita, 5 volunteers from Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Northern Macedonia, Armenia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey.

The project was born out of the need of the community from Reșița for improve it’s motivation regarding volunteering. Therefore, through these 12 months we have high hopes that we can bring some changes in the lives of people in the community, as well as in the lives of young people who drop out of school, of people with disabilities and so on. The project also wants to motivate the young people in the local community to make changes at the local level.

The objectives of the project are:
1. To increase the level of experience and knowledge of the 12 volunteers in the field of youth work,
pedagogy and non-formal education
2. Increase the level of foreign language knowledge of the 12 volunteers (Romanian and English)
3. Increase the confidence and spirit of initiative of the 12 volunteers involved in this project
4. Increase the degree of interaction between the young people in the placement centers in Resita
and the other young people from the city
5. Improve the quality of educational and leisure services offered to young people from the placement
centers in Resita
6. Increase the involvement of young people with fewer opportunities, including at local level in
volunteering programs within the European Solidarity Corps

Participant profile:

– aged between 18 and 30 years

– be flexible, open-minded, tolerant, communicative

– interested in gaining experience in pedagogy, special education, non-formal education and working with young people

– willing to work in teams or individually, with initiative and creativity

– eager to help young people

– prepared to fight against exclusion, prejudice and stereotypes

– with a level of knowledge of the English medium


Volunteering within our project will consist in organizing non-formal and leisure activities for children and young people in the placement centers in Reșița. These activities will be organized in the Speranța Center, for young people and children in the center, and for young people in the affiliated center; and in St. Mary’s Center, for young people and children with disabilities there.

The activities will be daily and will be educational and recreational, organized using the methodology of non-formal education. The long-term objective of this project is to increase the involvement and participation of young people in the city in civic and voluntary activities that promote tolerance, understanding and the fight against exclusion.

Volunteers will receive € 90 a month pocket money and € 150 a month food money. They will also be housed in an equipped and furnished apartment – with all the necessary conditions for a good life. The rent and utilities (water, gas, electricity) will be paid by the host NGO. Volunteers will be accommodated in double bedrooms.


This information only reflects the view of the author, European Commison can not be made responsible for the information provided



Hey! I am Sergio from Spain and I am 24 years old. I studied Microbiology in university and after finishing my studies, I decided to go abroad looking for new experiences. That is why I chose a 9 months ESC program in Romania regarding social issues. I hope I can take advantage of this adventure working in an international atmosphere, meeting new people, travelling around the country and contributing in building a better world all together.

Hi, my name is Monica, I’m a volunteer în Don’t stop me now project at Nevo Parudimos. I have 19 years old and I’m a very social person, i like to do activities with childrens. My dream it’s to change something in this world and to be a volunteer it’s a good start, beside that i have the chance to met new people around the world and learn stuff about other cultures whitch is a really nice thing.

Hi to everyone! My name is Pranvera, which means Spring in English. I am 23 years old and I came from Kosovo. I am a lover of space and astronomy, also an environmentalist. I like to climb mountains and observe the stars. I believe in no borders – ‘borders vanish when we look skyward’. I like to meet new people, travel, discover, and be connected. I like to quote tv shows and movies during the conversation or just some favorite lines from the books. Currently watching ‘Suits’ and just finished ‘Dracula’. Also, I’m a good listener! So yeas already feels so good to be here, looking forward to meeting you all.

Pranvera’s BLOG

Irina, Iri, Ina, Irinka, Irka, Eirina, Arina, Ira…. Or just Kviteli as my friends call me. 21 years old urban photographer and future sociologist from Georgia. Volunteering since age of 14, actively involved in youth work since 2015, member of peace work institute in Caucasus region (and not only) and probably future Nobel Peace Prize winner (well, at least laureate). I love exploring, taking risks and discovering beauty in things that people no longer consider as pretty. In short, here I am. At a place full of potentials and development possibilities and I am going to search for them in every corner of this place so, I say DON’T STOP ME NOW.

Irina’s BLOG

Hello everyone! My name is Natalia and i came here from Poland. 23 years of adventures, failures and challenges made me a person that i am today: lover of traveling, music, campfires and philosophy. My nectar of gods is a tea with ginger and lemon, having that, I can speak with you about every subject of the word. I love working with kids, knowledge goes from both sides of the bridge. They already taught me a lot. Integrity is a key and I always try to hold it and open every door that this world has for me. Happy to meet you guys! Buckle up for the trip with me!

Natalia’s BLOG

Hi, my name is Ehab, I’m Jordanian and a volunteer in Don’t stop me now project at Nevo Parudimos. I’m 25 y’old and I’m a Mechatronics Engineer.
I like to help people and make a good impacts on their lives, I like to learn new things and spread my knowledge too. I aim to change something in this world to be better. It’s a good start for being a volunteer, to work on yourself, on the community and make it better, gaining new skills, meet new people from other cultures and learn from each other.
Love your life and enjoy it
Hi! My name is Alex, I am 21 and I am a volunteer in the “Don’t Stop me Now” Project.
Bună! Mă numesc Alex, am 21 de ani și sunt voluntar in proiectul “Don’t Stop me Now”