The symposium was held with the support of the program Grundtvig Learning Together Roma in Europe implemented by Nevo Parudimos association during October 2009-June 2011 with funding from the European Commission by the lifelong learning program.

During the meeting from Romania with experts from all the partners countries which took place in this project Nevo Parudimos association in partnership with the University Eftimie Murgu of Resita, School Inspectorate of the Caras Severin County and the House of Teachers Training from Caras-Severin have organized the International Symposium with the theme: From the inclusive school to inclusive community and social cohesion.

The symposium was a part from the Seminar DIDACTICA INTERNATIONAL CARAS-SEVERIN, the XIX edition, organized by the Techers Training House Caras-Severin. The symposium took place on April 23, 2010 starting at 11:00 at the University Eftimie Murgu of Resita.


The international partners involved in the implementation of this project were:

  • Die Wiener Volkshochschulen GmbH – VHS polycollege (Austria)
  • Romakulturzentrum Wien (Austria)
  • Romano Pasos Research Centre (Suedia)
  • Madhouse gemeinnützige GmbH (Germania)
  • Ternikano berno (cercle de la jeunesse) (Franta)

The national partners involved in the implementation of this project were:

  • The Teachers Traininh House Caras-Severin
  • University Eftimie Murgu of Resita
  • School Inspectorate of the County Caras Severin

The symposium was divided into three sections: 1. Inclusive Education 2. Scholar inclusion and local community 3. Education and community development
Among the personalities who presented papers at the symposium include:: Conf. univ. dr. Gheorghe Sarău, Roma language and Roma advisor in the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation and the Romany language teacher at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (FLLS), University of Bucharest (Unibuc), Prof. dr. Marcel Courthiade -INALCO University of Paris, Gregory Dufunia Kwiek – University of Stockholm.

This project was funded with support from the European Commission by the Program Lifelong Learning LLP, Grundtvig – Learning Partnerships. This communication reflects only the views of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for using the information it contains.