Starting with the 1st of November 2010, the Nevo Parudimos Association started implementing, as a partner organization, the “A second chance, a new chance” project.

The project is hosted by the Caras-Severin County School Inspectorate, alongside the Bihor County School Inspectorate and the Oradea Ruharma Foundation.

The project is financed through the Sectorial Operational Program for the Development of Human Resources 2007-2013, Priority Axis 2, “The lifelong correlation between studies and the labor market”, Major intervention Domain 2.2 “The prevention and correction of school dropout”

The project will last three years. Its main purpose is to the prevent school dropout by students            from risk categories in the two counties (Caras-Severin and Bihor).

The budget for this project is 20.920.302 RON.


  • The creation of a functional framework capable of sustaining the growth of the level of education and human resources professional formation
  • The development of inclusive educational policies that will favor the access of underprivileged groups to education, both at a county level (the development strategy of both counties) and at the local level (the development strategies of communities in the two counties)
  • The prevention of school dropout of 2500 students identified as being in a risk situation in both counties
  • The reintegration in education of 500 persons that have left school early in both counties


  • The reintegration in education of 500 persons that have left school early
  • The prevention of school dropout for at least 2500 students, through school after school, summertime kindergarten and counseling and orientation programs
  • The reduction of the risk of unenrollment in 1st grade and the raising of awareness of the importance of school for at least 600 children, which will attend annually hosted summertime kindergartens (20 in total)
  • At least 150 local public authorities representatives will be informed regarding the educational system
  • The raising of the awareness level of citizens from the two counties with regards to the importance of education in a society’s durable development
  • The creation and proper functioning of county level resource centers for programs such as school after school, summertime kindergarten and A second chance, which will provide the beneficiaries with informational materials, therefore assuring an excellent development of these programs
  • The functioning in each county of a Counseling and support center for children and parents
  • The functioning of at least 30 local Initiative groups in the communities where the project is underway
  • The securing of 600 social bursaries, 200/year, for preschool children that are about to start school and come from underprivileged families
  • At least 1600 children involved in school after school programs
  • At least 1000 parents involved in Parents’ School programs
  • At least 1000 children that benefited from innovative interventions of the Parents and Children Counseling and Support Centers, which reduced the probability of leaving school early
  • At least 1600 children will benefit from the School after school program, which will be hosted for two years


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