During the 24th – 27th of February 2015, the Nevo Parudimos Association developed the national component of the project “Boosting Youth Participation: the choice is yours!”. The activities realized during this period are meant to contribute to the establishment of a youth consultative committee, composed of young representative of NGO’s and institutions in the Caras-Severin area.

The project “Boosting Youth Participation: the choice is yours!”, is implemented by the Nevo Parudimos Association together with other three partners from Greece, Turkey and Italy. The project is financed by the Youth in Action program together with the National Agency in Italy and its coordinator is the Work in Progress organisation from Lece.

The objective of this project was to stimulate an active participation of young people in their community social and political life. The project activities were divided into two parts: an international component and a national on, which took place during the period mentioned above. The international component took place during the 13th – 16th of May 2014 in Lece, Italy and 6 young people from the partner country participated. The purpose of the meeting was to offer to young participants the possibility to discuss about a democratic representation at a local level, through a document analysis of European document which promote participation and involvement.

The main result of this project was represented by the establishment of an implicate and active international youth network, which could help exchange opinions and experiences in order to increase the young people’s implication at a local level, but also to help form 4 youth consultative committees, one for each partner country.

The local partners in the organisation or the national event of this project in Romania, besides the Nevo Parudimos Association were: The Oravita Town Hall, The Dragalina General High School in Oravita, the Mihai Novac Technological High school in Oravita, The association  “cu Capu` in Nori” (in the clouds).


This project was funded by the Youth in Action Program of the European Commission.

Coordonator: Asociatia Work in Progress – Italia


Asociatia Nevo Parudimos – Romania
Solidarity Tracks – Grecia
Cigli Gonullu Takimi – Turcia


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