The Nevo Parudimos from Resita together with 4 partners from Greece, Italy, Macedonia and Lithuania, during the period 1 February – 31 August 2018 will implement the project “Come to know us” financed by the Erasmus+ Program, contract number 2017-3RO01-KA105-047298 with a value of 31050 EUR.

The youth exchange activity from the project “Come to know us” will take place during the period 1-12 July 2018 and will gather 50 young people aged between 16 and 25. The first part of this youth exchange will take place at the Marabu Camp in Milcoveni, the Berliste village and the next 6 days will bring the 50 young people to Resita.

The objective of this project is to fight prejudice and stereotypes of the Resita citizens on the ghetto community from Mociur with the help of visual arts.


The objectives of this project are:

  • The creation of a secure space, where the 50 young people may express themselves and share their experiences using different art types;
  • To improve knowledge on fighting prejudice and stereotypes for the 50 young people;
  • To develop knowledge for the 50 participants on Roma culture from different European countries;
  • To show the Resita population the reality in the Mociur community;
  • To develop knowledge for the 50 participants on how to use visual arts in fighting prejudice and stereotypes.


The expected results of this project are:

  • Participants will have many information on Roma situation regardless of the participant country;
  • Participants will change their attitude towards the problem of Roma integration in the society and will become more active in this direction;
  • Participants will understand the importance of a community image for the society;
  • To increase the information level and that of youth experience in the domain of social inclusion by practicing social and intercultural competencies through different activities/ non-formal methods;
  • To increase the misinformation level referring to international mobility offered through the Erasmus+ program;
  • To improve the Mociur neighbourhood image;
  • To improve knowledge on Roma history, on the present situation and on the main factors that feed anti-gypsism nowadays.

For more information you may contact Miss Turcu Laura, the person responsible for this project at the phone number: 0746 450 594 or on the email:



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