Nevo Parudimos association in partnership with the West University of Timisoara Faculty of Letters, History and Theology from Romania, RROMA from Macedonia and all other partners involved in the project „European Remembrance and Solidarity – Our Right to Remember!” organised an international conference about the Roma holocaust 75 years of remembrance that took place in Timisoara in 26-29 January 2019.


The aim of this event it’s to raise awareness about the Roma Holocaust and increase the level of knowledge between the experts in the field.

Short project description:

European Remembrance and Solidarity – Our Right to Remember! it’s a project initiated by RROMA from Macedonia in partnership with other 14 NGO’s from all around Europe aiming to raise a strong awareness on Porrajmos concentrating on the events taken place in the Balkans, Hungary and Transnistria before, during, after WWII, in order to preserve the memory of the Roma and Sinti victims of Nazism.

This project builds the capacity of educators, citizens and a wide network of civil society organizations to lead educational and citizens’ initiatives for remembrance and education on local, national and European level. It reveals under-researched areas of Roma Holocaust to the wider public, it stimulates debates about our culture of remembrance by and with Roma communities with a focus on the role of young people now and in the future to preserve our European memory.

This project aims to engage Roma, minority, non-Roma and youth organizations in an awareness-raising campaign, and to advocate the recognition of the Roma Genocide through August 2nd as an official day of remembrance on European level. The citizens and NGOs engage into the current policy-making process for the recognition of the Roma genocide on European and national level.