The exhibition- “CHILD, HAPPINESS, CHILDHOOD” contest was launched in 15 April 2010 following the signing of a cooperation protocol between the 12th School Resita, County School Inspectorate, Teachers Association, Nevo Parudimos Association and “Education for the Community” Teregova Association.

The supervising of the ogranization and the exhibition was done by five teachers from the 12th School Resita, who are also members of the Nevo Parudimos Association, coordinated by the school teacher mrs. Mariana Mone.

The media coberage was made nationwide through the use of the internet.

Up until 20th of May 2010 at the location of the exhibition came 547 works from 237 coordination teachers.

The exhibition took place at Casa Municipala Resita and was opened to visitors between 1-7 June 2010.

A total of 66 works belonging to children in infant and primary education all across the country were awarded on 7th of June by mr. dr. eng. Mihai Stepanescu, mayor of the City of Resita and mr. Daniel Grebeldinger, Nevo Parudimos Association president.

The financial support for the organization of the exhibition was provided by the Local Council of Resita, and the amount required for the awards was obtainded by Nevo Parudimos Association through a project approved by the Caras-Severin County Council.

The opening and award ceremony were publicized in newspapers, radio and television.