The project Financing – an alternative for schools was created by the Nevo Parudimos Association in partnership with the Caras Severin House of the Didactic Corps, with the purpose of developing schools’ capabilities of attracting extra budgetary funding.
The schools involved with the project are schools No. 1, 12 and 8 from Resita. The funding necessary for the carrying out of the project was provided by the Caras Severin House of the Didactic Corps and the Nevo Parudimos Association.
The project consists of three formation phases, each of which being composed of formation courses in Project management and raising funding for teachers.

The most important objectives are the development of teachers’ project management abilities, the enhancement of knowledge with regards to the process of applying for financing, as well as raising the level of information concerning existing financing opportunities.

Up to the present, 8 project have been elaborated and submitted for financing by the representatives of the beneficiary schools. Two of these projects have already received financing.
The schools that wish to be included in the project can submit a request to the Nevo Parudimos Association or to the House of the Didactic Corps, annexing a list with staff members that wish to partake in the training. All requests will be answered in the shortest possible time by the course organizers.