In Caransebes, the children who reach the pediatrics unit of the Caransebes Municipal Hospital start the medical treatment process with a huge handicap. They are greeted by punctured walls, holes in the flooring and celling, rusty pipes, cracked floor tiles, harsh barred windows, depressing rooms whose only spots of color are a ragged curtain that the sun and time have withered away and a forgotten drawing that survived the omnipresent mold.

The only ray of hope is brought about by the smile of the nurses and doctors, however this is far from enough to counter the depressing ghetto air that emanates from the rooms where these children should be treated.

Our Partners:

  • The Caransebes Mayor’s Office
  • The Strategies and Development Programs Organization – the local project coordinator
  • The Caransebes Pedagogical High School “Constantin Diaconovici Loga”
  • The Caransebes Machinery Construction Industrial School Group
  • The Resita Volunteer Center
  • The Bike Attack Association
  • The Europe Generation Association
  • The Kolping Banat Regional Organization
  • The “C.D. Loga” Caransebes Sports Association
  • The Bethel Fellowship Mission Foundation
  • The Teregova Education for the Community Association
  • The Caransebes Orthodox Women’s Organization

This hospital, the second in size in Caras-Severin County, serves a third of the county’s children. In 2010 more than 2400 children were treated here, who besides having to battle the infections they were suffering from were forced to deal with the shock brought about by the depressing aspect of a hospital unit that has not received any modernization or rehabilitation funding in the last twenty years.

The Nevo Parudimos Association partnered with The Caransebes Mayor’s Office, The Strategies and Development Programs Organization – the local project coordinator, The Caransebes Pedagogical High School “Constantin Diaconovici Loga”, The Caransebes Machinery Construction Industrial School Group, The Resita Volunteer Center, The Bike Attack Association, The Europe Generation Association, The Kolping Banat Regional Organization, The “C.D. Loga” Caransebes Sports Association, The Bethel Fellowship Mission Foundation, The Teregova Education for the Community Association and The Caransebes Orthodox Women’s Organization in order to start the “For a child’s smile” project, through which 19 rooms, two operation rooms, two reserves, one mess hall, one dietetic kitchen, four restrooms and the unit’s hallway will be rehabilitated.

This process will involve retiling all the rooms, painting the walls in order to make the rooms seem more cheerful, painting the doors, repairing the electrical installations, installing lighting fixtures and curtains in each room and changing the plumbing where required.

The total costs of the investment are 115000 RON and include contracting a constructions firm to handle everything from purchasing to installing the required materials, several of which the students and volunteers involved with this project will decorate.

The scope of this project does not resume itself to merely improving the treatment facilities in this unit, yet it expands with the purpose of raising the awareness and involvement level of the citizens of Caransebes with regards to dealing with the issues that confront the local community.

Part of the costs are covered by Rompetrol (i.e. 45000 RON), through the “Together for each one” program, while the remainder is covered by the local community (the Caransebes Mayor’s Office, investors from the community). The work in itself will be carried out by volunteers from Caransebes, Resita and the surrounding area.

Your contribution is very important to the success of this project. You can support our cause by donating construction materials or through financial donations. In order to do so, please contact the project coordinator: Grebeldinger Daniel, telephone: 0723202756, email:

Otherwise you can simply donate any particular sum in the Nevo Parudimos bank account, held by the Romanian Commercial Bank, Resita office:
RON ACCOUNT: RO54RNCB0100102290040001
EURO ACCOUNT: RO97RNCB0100102290040003

Or in the account of the Strategies and Development Programs Organization’s (the local project coordinator) account, held by UniCredit Tiriac Bank Caransebes RON ACCOUNT: RO89BACX0000000574556002.