Between February and November 2015, Nevo Parudimosssociation with a financial support from TELECOM Romania and in partnership with the  I Sports club of General Dragalina High School Oravita implemented the project Health through movement.

The main objective of the project was to increase interest in sport and outdoor activities to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The secondary targets were:

– tracing the cycling route Oravita – Cold Spring in the “Oravita Valley” area;
– purchasing 15 bicycles for young people with limited material possibilities for reducing disparities between them;
– organizing the project’ promotion event – a sporting competition on the new route – and coverage of these activities and financier.

The objectives were achieved 100 %, the final beneficiaries – about 200 students from the I Sports club of General Dragalina High School Oravita enjoy this achievement weekly. They are constantly joined by other young people, amateurs of sport and movement, from the city.

The project’s indicators were:

-2 banners for advertisement
-10 posters
-100 leaflets
-5 pieces of band boundary
-1 set trail markers
-3  custom trophys
-3  wafer trophys
-18 custom t-shirts
-10 diplomas
-2 competition trophys
-a 5 Km arranged bicycle route
– an organized cycling competition.

The project activities were:

– Building a trail through the woods from Oravita to the Cold Spring (about 5 Km), trail that was marked and now can be used by all the passionate cyclists from the area.
– Purchasing 15 bicycles. The 15 bicycles were donated to I Sports club of General Dragalina High School Oravita and till this day they are used by the young people with limited material possibilities.
– Organizing a cycling competition.

In July 2015, was performed a cycling competition in Oravita city attended by 216 young people and adults from Oravita and the surroundings.
Promoting the project and its activities

During this project the funding was provided by Telekom Romania under the spornsorship contrat No 27/17.20.2015 worth of 4985 euro.


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