General presentation

During August-November 2010 Nevo Parudimos Association implemented the rehabilitation project of the Pediatric Ward of Resita’s County Hospital, funded by Rompetrol Group “Togheter for each and everyone“, aimed at increasing the involvement and accountability of the local community  in solving citizen’s health problems, the result of project being a model of commitment and solidarity.

The projct was applied in partnership with the Resita County Hospital, Resita Municipality, 1st School, 12th School, The volunteer Center Resita and the Parents Association of the 8th School in Resita.


The project activities have contibuted to improving the hospitalization and treatment conditions in the pediatric ward of the Emergency County Hospital Resita, by proofing 630 square meters of the hospital’s roof, repairing, daubing and painting the walls in 11 wards, 5 reserves, a treatment room and dining room, painting the wookwork and curtains and blinds, and the campaign promoting hygiene and healty lifestyle in Muncitoresc, Dealu Mare, Mociur and Calnic neighborhoods updated the residents basic knowledge regarding health education.


Our project has contibuted greatly to increasing the involvement and accountability of local community members in solving their problems and improving the spaces dedicated to health services for the children residing across the county. In the future our association is considering a greater involvement in collaborating with the local community in taking a stand against its members problems.


The project was funded by Rompetrol Group through its “Togheter for each and everyone” program on a budget of 49958.80 lei, the Municipality of Resita adding 2000 lei and 4632 lei by Nevo Parudimos Association.