General presentation

During the time period 01.02.2011 – 31.07.2011 the Nevo Parudimos Association from Resita, implemented the second edition of the project “Roma Youth – European Youth 2”, financed by the European Commission through the Youth in Action Program.

“Roma Youth –European Youth”  brought together 33 participants from seven countries, youth workers who have as beneficiaries Roma youth, in order to offer the guide „9 steps in working with Roma youth”, a guide realized during the first edition of the project. The project included the development of a training course for 7 days in Băile Herculane, during the time period 25.05.2011 – 31.05.2011.

This project has a purpose to develop young Roma interest in youth activities that may lead to the increase of their inclusion and at the same time help youth workers in being more confident in their work. Participants will become trainers that will promote Roma inclusion and acceptance in local communities, in schools, youth organisations, clubs, universities, by adapting or inventing work methods that can be used in working with Roma youth.



  • To prepare youth workers in the domain and Roma youth work;
  • To capacitate young participants in developing activities that practically use the guide “9 steps in working with Roma youth” in order to promote inclusion;
  • The evaluation and improvement of the guide “9 steps in working with Roma youth”, which uses new working methods, tested in Roma youth inclusions;
  • The awareness of participants of all forms of prejudice and discrimination that exist in their day to day life;
  • The knowledge by all participants of customs, traditions and Roma history so that they better understand and accept them.

When talking about the objective of the Youth in Action Program, this project promotes the active participation of young people, because the methodology proposed is based on the principles of non-formal education, being a project financed by the Youth in Action Program but also on cultural diversity, it being insured by young people’s involvement, from all seven countries. This project also helps in establishing connections between youth organisations which work with Roma youth from all over Europe, which will help in the establishment of new projects for Roma Youth.



Youth Express Network (France),

Social and Psychological Aid Foundation (Lithuania),

Madhouse (Germany),

Association of Non-profit Human Services from Hungary,

People to People International- Plovdiv (Bulgaria),

The Roma Civic Alliance from Romania,

Afabulatione (Italy),

The Inter-cultural Institute from Timisoara

For more information please contact us on the email address: or at the phone number: 0723202756.

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Roma Youth – European Youth 2 – 25 mai 2011