General Presentation

Youth European Youth 3 – Evaluation is a seminar organized by the Nevo Parudimos Association during the period: 05-13 July 2013, which addressed Roma youth, activists in the work with young people, social workers and young people with reduced possibilities, who during the activities realized used the guide “9 steps in working with Roma youth” in a form or another or have participated in order of this project previous editions.

This seminar promotes Roma youth inclusion by developing support materials, which can help them get involved in youth activities and at the same time lead to an increase of partner associations capacity and more (the seminar partners being composed of two youth networks YES Forum and YEN, and another which also refers to youth organisations – The civil alliance of Romanian Roma, ACRR) and that of course participants when referring to working with these young people.

The evaluation seminar, besides its trial to transmit to all participants information on the Roma people, and to the community inhabitants, where the project is implemented, information about the ongoing youth program. The material resulted from this evaluation also tries to reach subjects which prevent or discourage young people to participate in youth activities: discrimination, stereotypes, prejudice, and diversity seen as threat.


  • The results evaluation, for the two projects Roma Youth and European Youth;
  • Learn new things about Roma together with Roma people from the Oravita Town;
  • Participants will explore their own prejudice, will experiment and evaluate new working methods;
  • Share information from their own experiences referring to the use of the guide (steps or methods described in it);
  • To put into practice knowledge obtained during the first editions of the project;
  • To make friends to young Roma from the community and be able to build together a play ground.


  • Youth Express Network (France),
  • Social and Psychological Aid Foundation (Lithuania),
  • Madhouse (Germany),
  • Association of Non-profit Human Services (Hungary),
  • People to People International Plovdiv (Bulgaria),
  • The civil alliance of Romanian Roma (ACRR),
  • Afabulatione (Italy),
  • The Timisoara Inter-cultural Institute (Romania)
  • Fundaciò Catalunya Voluntària (Spain)
  • The Ruhama Foundation (Romania).


During the seminar, a friendly working space was created, to promote inclusion, tolerance and acceptance of youth, regardless of their country, ethnicity, sex, religion, economic situation and life environment, with an accent on their mobilization and implication in the community life.

The young people were “the experts” of the course, their role being that of evaluating the efficiency of work methods proposed in a practical manner in this guide. They are the ones who tested this material, studied it or criticized it or even appreciated it during their activities.

By the efforts of all participants a play ground was built for Roma children from the local Roma community. Activities that took place contributed in the increase of a knowledge level of participants and the development of their personalities, together with the relation and collaboration methods.

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