The Nevo Parudimos implemented during the time period: 1.08.2016 – 31.07.2017, the “Roma Youth, European Youth 4’’ project (contract no. 2016-2-RO01-KA105-024898) together with other 7 international partners: Egyutthato Kozossegepito Egyesulet, Multicultural Nakelamos Association (Spain), RROMA (Macedonia), Integro Association (Bulgaria), Youth Express Network (France) and Stranaidea (Italy).

The main objective of this project is to help 21 young Roma and non-Roma from 7 countries to use the guide “9 steps in working with Rom youth” and work with Roma youth and better understand them.

The project general objectives are:

  • To offer the 7 partners and NDOs the possibility to work with Roma youth;
  • To develop the use of the guide “9 steps in working with Rom youth”:
  • To increase Roma participation;
  • To promote non-formal education and a practical life of learning for Roma young people.

The project is structured into 3 large parts:

Training: During the period 16.01.2017-24.01.2017, the Nevo Parudimos Association together with the 7 partners implemented the first part of the project. The training was organized in Baile Herculane, Caras-Severin district, Ferdinand Hotel. At the end of this first part, an activity plan for each country was organized so that each will apply the guide “9 steps in working with Rom youth” in their countries.

The training objectives were:

  • To develop abilities, competencies and knowledge for the 21 participants, so that they may professional youth workers who work with young Roma and non-Roma;
  • To capacitate 21 young participants to develop activities that promote inclusion;
  • To train 21 young Rome people and non-Roma in practically using the guide “9 steps in working with Rom youth”;
  • To educate 21 participants in learning more about Roma traditions and history.

At the end of this training the 21 participants must acquire more knowledge on how they can work with young Roma, learn what is means to be a youth worker, to plan a series of activities for the following six months at home and exchange experiences and information.

The practical part: The participant team of each partner country assumed a set of activities to be realized at home with a group of Roma youth. They agreed in meeting on a periodical base and apply the activity plan established during the training stage until the next meeting by suing the guide “9 steps in working with Rom youth”. The purpose is to form a group of young people at a local level to organise an activity with their support for the other young people from the local community they come from. The good or bad results will be shared with the other colleagues during the seminary that is to be organized in June 2017.

The seminary of good practice, the second meeting: this project activity will also take place in Romania, during the period 01-09.06.2017 the location of the seminary being the Marabu Camp in Milcoveni, the Berliste village, Caras-Severin district.

This activity proposes to offer the 21 participants the possibility to share their experience and together ding solutions for problems met during practical activities.

The objectives of this seminary were:

  • To evaluate the field work of the 21 participants;
  • To increase the level of knowledge referring to activities that promote actions between Roma and non-Roma young people together for the 21 participants;
  • To develop the knowledge of the 21 participants referring to the methods and activities that promote Roma youth inclusion and participation;
  • The further develop the guide “9 steps in working with Rom youth”;
  • To offer the 21 participants the possibility to share experiences referring to activities that promote Roma and non-Roma youth inclusion.

The expected results for this seminary were:

  • Participants to develop a different approach when wanting to work with young Roma people and better understand what it means to be a youth professional in working with them;
  • The 21 participants to gain more knowledge on Roma people, and the cooperation between Roma and non-Roma youth to be a strong one, so that in the future, they might be motivated to develop quality activities;
  • The partner organisations desire to consolidate an international cooperation and create networks, increase experience in international project, increase the organisational visibility at a national and international level and to develop their expertise in Roma youth work;
  • To develop and improve the guide “9 steps in working with Rom youth”.

The project was financed by the European Commission, through the Erasmus+ Program, Key Action 1, Youth mobility, Youth exchange.

The approved budget for the project was of 33760 Euros.

For more information please contact Mister Firulescu Alexandru, the project responsible at the phone number: 0766376287, or on the email:


Youth Express Network – France

Stranaidea – Italy

Egyutthato Egyesulet – Hungary

Integro – Bulgaria

RROMA – Macedonia

Nakeramos – Spain


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