For two years, between 31.12.2018 – 30.12.2020, Nevo Parudimos Association will implement, together with 5 international partners, the project V for Volunteering, number of reference: 2018 – 2 RO01 – KA125-049941, this beeing the last project approved in the context of the Erasmus + program, the European Voluntary Service.

V for Volunteering (VV) is a volunteer project consisting of 2 rounds of 5 volunteers each (a total of 10 volunteers) from 5 countries: Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Portugal, who will have a 12-month internship in Resita.

The first round of volunteers will arrive at our association between 1 February 2019 and 31 January 2020. The second round of volunteers will come from 01.01.2020 to 30.12.2020, so they will spend one month with the first round of volunteers, from which they will take over the activities that are already started.

The motivation for implementing this project starts with three main issues that young people in our local community have:

– a school system that is rigid and suppresses creativity;

– the view among many young people that volunteering is just a form of conventional work, unpaid;

– the impression of many young people that it makes no sense to engage actively in society, the belief that their opinions do not matter and can do nothing to change that.

Starting from these key challenges, the project has the following objectives:

– Improving inclusion, school participation, language skills and educational experience in general for children from disadvantaged communities through non-formal learning activities in local schools in Reşiţa during the implementation of the project.

– Developing knowledge about volunteering, benefits and responsibilities of a volunteer, promoting volunteering in Reşiţa and beyond, through a wide range of activities during the project.

– Promoting civic engagement of young people in Resita by demonstrating how engagement in the community can help understand the needs of society and the benefits it brings to its members;

– Provide an opportunity to learn how to work with children, 10 young volunteers from 5 countries and young people from disadvantaged communities and young volunteers in the city of Reşiţa to develop their sense of initiative and increase their confidence in own forces;

– Developing the skills and competencies of the 10 volunteers in coordinating and organizing educational, civic and inclusive activities, youth activities, intercultural experience and non-formal education.

To this end, there will be three main types of activities that volunteers will carry out:

– language courses in schools (both with teachers and singles);

– language cafe activities, theater workshops after school, at the Nevo Parudimos Youth Center;

– volunteer activities at various events organized by our associated local partners;

– awareness-raising campaigns on the need for active involvement of young people and how the Erasmus + program contributes to it.

The main objectives of the activities focus on the development of local youth through non-formal, foreign languages, volunteering in major local events and campaigns, cafes and theaters, while promoting the Erasmus + program, the ultimate goal being to encourage young people to become more involved in local communities, especially through volunteering; on the other hand, another goal is to improve self-esteem and sense of initiative for the 10 volunteers, while developing their social, organizational and foreign language skills.

This project is funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus + program, through the European Voluntary Service.


Asociacion las ninas del tul – Spain

Cantiere Giovani Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS – Italy

Nisantasi Universitesi – Turkey

United Societies of Balkans Astiki Etaireia – Greece

ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil – Portugal


This communication reflects only the views of the author and the European Commission can not be held responsible for the use of the information contained therein.



My name is Carolina, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Spain. I decided to come to Romania for discovering the country, its people and learn Romanian. But the most important thing for coming here was that I like to get involved in social issues and work in new places as schools. I’m here for one year so I hope I enjoy a lot the experience, learn lot of things and travel around the country everytime I can!

Carolina’s blog

My name is Lucia, I’m 27 years old, I’m from Italy. I decided to come to Romania to travel, meet new friends, learn a new language and culture. I like nature and animals: during my free time I usually watch documentaries about these arguments. I’m interested in music, history and philosophy. I’ve chosen to participate to this project to help the local community and to share my knowledge of Italian language and culture.

Lucia’s BLOG

Hello guys. 🙂 My name is Lokman Akyol and i am from Turkey -Istanbul! I am the one who wants to make an EVS after graduation. Luckily now I am in Reşita with Nevo Parudimos. I would like to spend times with children cause this gives me motivation as a volunteer. Who knows during one year, what I will learn. And let’s start reading this EVS blog of mine.

Lokman’s blog

Hey! My name is Mustafa and I am from Turkey. I am 22. I was looking for opportunities to improve my surroundings and myself, thus I found myself in beautiful Romania. I studied American Literature and had a pedagogical education in Istanbul University so my preoccupations usually involve works of art and linguistics. It already feels soooo good to be a part of Nevo Parudimos.

Mustafa’s blog

Hi everyone!!! My name is Agus, I´m 27 years old and I came from Madrid (Spain).  I´m a social worker, and also a psychology student.

I´m so happy to be selected in a EVS project in Resita (Rumania). I want to develop my skills, learn everything as I can about the Romanian culture, and of course meet new people from different countries and cultures.

Agustin’s BLOG

Hello there! My name is  Juanca Castro Santana am 24 years old and come from Gran Canaria, Spain. I was studying Computer Engineering but I took a year off, so I decided to do an EVS to expand my horizons and help people in need. I started with Nevo Parudimos in Resita, and I’m very happy to work with this awesome team in this incredible opportunity!

Juan’s BLOG

My name is Spyros, I am 24 years and I come from Greece (Thessaloniki). I studied Pedagogy in
university of my home city. During my university years I worked in schools and kindergartens and I
really enjoyed it. A&er university I did various jobs, but I really wanted to live and travel abroad.
When Nevo contacted me to join their EVS project it seemed like a good opportunity, so I took it.

My name is Filipa and I’m an 18 year old girl from Portugal. I studied Arts and Music in high-school and afterwards I decided to do a Gap Year in order to explore what’s out there and get to know myself better before engaging in the adult life. I chose to do volunteering work in the form of non-formal education and I’m glad Romania chose me!

Filipa’s BLOG

Hiii beautiful people, I’m Özge from İstanbul,Turkey. I’m 24 and currently a volunteer in Nevo Parudimos. After my graduation from university I always wanted to do something abroad very diffrent and valuable. Being a part of this EVS project helps me to achive my aim. I am sure this year is going to be an amazing experience for me, stay tuned.
Özge’s BLOG