During the period 01.08.2018 – 31.07.2020, the Nevo Parudimos Association implements the new project within the European Voluntary Service, with the title Volunteering for a Smile, Reference no. 2018 – 1 – RO01 – KA125 – 048993, where 10 volunteers from 8 countries will have 12 month internships in Resita, Romania. Internships will be organized in 2 flows of 5 volunteers each. Most activities will take place in 2 kindergartens and in a day center in Reşiţa.


About the project: context and objectives

In Romania, one can observe one of the highest school abandon rates in Europe, and according to the school inspectorate in Resita, in the Mociur and Dealu Mare districts, the highest school dropout rate in the city are registered. According research done in the education domain, the Roma Education Fund and the Save the Children Association, it is clear that for children to be successful in school, children should have a good start, that is, they must receive adequate education in the kindergarten.

The volunteers selected need to increase their experience of working with children in educational activities. They need to develop their social skills, learn more about Romania, improve their pedagogical skills for easier access to the labor market, and need to become more independent.

The aim of this project is to increase the employability of young volunteers and, at the same time, to increase the quality of the educational services offered in the city of Resita.


The project objectives are:

  • To improve social, intercultural and personal competencies of 10 young volunteers during the project;
  • To increase work experience in the pedagogical field of the 10 volunteers during the project;
  • To develop the working experience with children for 10 volunteers during project implementation;
  • To develop English and Romanian knowledge of the 10 volunteers during the project;
  • To increase the confidence and independence of the 10 young volunteers involved in the project during the EVS stage;
  • To improve educational services provided by 2 kindergartens and a day center from Resita during the project.


The EVS training periods of the first volunteers flow will begin from October till the end of September 2019, and the second volunteers flow will begin internships in 1st of  August 2019 and finish in July 2020.

The main activities in which volunteers will be involved for 12 months are:

  • Daily activities in 2 kindergartens in disadvantaged communities in Resita, using non-formal educational methods, in order to make the educational activity more attractive for children;
  • Daily activities in a Resita day center;
  • Monthly activities to promote Erasmus + and volunteering, as well as recruitment of new volunteers;
  • Weekly activity to promote the Language Cafe;
  • Mentoring for local volunteers;
  • Projects of volunteers (individual or in teams) promoting civic involvement, participation, volunteering and tolerance in the city of Reşiţa every 3 months;
  • English courses with local volunteers.

In order to facilitate the activities of volunteers, the Nevo Parudimos Association has concluded collaborative protocols with all the local actors involved.


Centar for personal and professional development Syncro – Synergy Croatia
STRANAIDEA Società Cooperative Social Impresa Sociale Onlus (Italy)
ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil (Portugal)
Canakkale Koza Genclik Dernegi (Turkey)
Parcours le Monde – Grand Est (France)

This project is funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus + program.


This communication reflects the author’s opinions and the European Commission can’t be made responsible for the use of the information contained.