Between 01.08.2018 – 31.07.2020, the Nevo Parudimos Association implements the new project within the European Voluntary Service, entitled Volunteering for a smile, with no. of reference 2018 – 1 – RO01 – KA125 – 048993, where 10 volunteers from 8 countries will have a 12 months internships in Reșița, Romania. The internships will be organized in 2 streams of 5 volunteers each. Most of the activities will take place in 2 kindergartens and a day center in the city of Reșița.
About the project: context and objectives
In Romania, we have one of the highest rates of school dropout in Europe, at the same time, according to the school inspectorate from Reșița, in the districts of Mociur and Dealu Mare, we have the highest dropout rate in the city. According to education research, the Education Fund for Roma and Save the Children Association, it turns out that for a successful path in school, children must have a good start, they must have an adequate education in kindergarten.
Selected volunteers need to enhance their experience of working with children in educational activities. They need to develop their social skills, they must learn more about Romania, improve their pedagogical skills for easier access to the labor market and they must become more independent.

The aim of this project is to increase the employability of young volunteers and, at the same time, to increase the quality of the educational services offered in Resita Municipality.

The objectives of the project are:
– Improving the social, intercultural and personal skills of 10 young volunteers during the project;
– Increased work experience in the pedagogical field of the 10 volunteers during the project;
– Development of work experience with children for 10 volunteers, during project implementation;
– Increase the English and Romanian skills of the 10 volunteers during the project;
– Increasing the confidence and independence of the 10 young volunteers involved in the project, during the EVS internship;
– the improvement of the educational services offered by 2 kindergartens and a day center in Reșița during the project.
The EVS internships of the first volunteer stream will start from October to the end of September 2019, and the second volunteer stream will start from August 2019 until July 2020.
The main activities in which volunteers will be involved for 12 months are:
– daily activities in 2 kindergartens from disadvantaged communities in Reșița, using non-formal educational methods, in order to make the educational activity more attractive for children;
– daily activities in a day center in Resita;
– monthly activities to promote the Erasmus + program and volunteering, as well as recruiting new volunteers;
– weekly activity for the promotion of the Language Cafe;
– mentoring for local volunteers;
– projects of volunteers (individual or in teams) that promote civic involvement, participation, volunteering and tolerance, in the city of Resita, every 3 months;
– English language courses with local volunteers.
In order to facilitate the activities of the volunteers, the association Nevo Parudimos has concluded collaboration protocols with all the local actors involved.


Centar za osobni i profesionalni razvoj Syncro – Synergy Croatia
STRANAIDEA Società Cooperativa Sociale Impresa Sociale Onlus (Italia)
ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil (Portugalia)
Canakkale Koza Genclik Dernegi (Turcia)
Parcours le Monde – Grand Est (Franta)

Acest proiect este finanțat de către programul Erasmus+ al Comisiei Europene.


This presentation reflects only the point of view of the author, European Comission can not be made responsible for the information provided.


Hello everyone, I am Esra from Turkey. I am 24 years old and I live in Istanbul. I graduated university and I decided to come Romania to learn beautiful culture and Romanian language. I am volunteer in Nevo Parudimos Association and I will stay almost 1 year in Resita. My project about children and we are going some school and kindergarden in Resita. I am writing some article about here and if you want you can read maybe you can find some useful thing for you.

Esra’s blog

Hello, I’m Eleni and I’m from Greece.  I’m 20 years old and I decided to take part in a volunteering project in Romania while I’m also studying in Greece. My studies’ field is Primary Education and with my EVS I found the opportunity to do something that is relevant with my school and that I like in the same time. I love travelling, meeting new people and cultures, reading books and going skiing in the winters. I also like spending time with kids and learning new languages.

Eleni’s blog

Hello everyone, I am Lucas from France, I have 18 years I live in Strasbourg. My passions in life are football, video games; to travel, meet people and ride a motorcycle. My projects in Romania is about to go to several schools in Resita, to set up educational animation for children. And we also have a host of teenagers or we put activities in place every day out of the weekend

Lucas’ blog

I am Sarah, I come from France, I am 27. I am in EVS (European Volontary Service) for One year in Resita, In Romania.After my studies, I wanted to do a Civic Service in France, and then a European Volontary Service. After my Civic Service, I was hired in “L’Accordeur”, a concert hall near to Bordeaux. After two years, I decided to leave and continue my project and go in EVS in Romania

Sarah’s blog

I’m Simon, 21 years old, from France and in Reșița since the 21st of January 2019. Last year, I did a Europe tour, in auto-stop during almost 5 months. When I met volunteers of Nevo Parudimos the 1st time, I also was volunteer in a youth hotel in Sofia, in Bulgaria and they came for the week-end. They proposed me to pass in Reșița, I stayed 5 days and I fell in love of Romania. And now I’m here for 1 year, and maybe more…? I play drums and harmonica, and a bit of ukulele and accordion.  I like to travel, to draw, to play games, to hike and to drink beer with friend Blablabla. Come on, let’s go!

Simon’s blog

Hi! I’m Denis. I’m 25 years old and I come from Croatia. Before joining Nevo, I used to volunteer at the Red Cross, as well as help out with the On Arrival volunteers in Croatia, so the “Volunteering for a smile” project feels natural for me. I’m a friendly person, so I hope we get along well!

Hello! My name is Carolina. I’m from Portugal. I am 23 years old. After finishing university in Sociology, I decided to embark on a new adventure to discover a new culture and a new language. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come to Romania.

HI, My name is Gizem Karaca. I am 23 years old. I from Turkey. Last year, I graduated from Beykent University, Department of Cinema and Television. I am working evs project in Romania, Resita. I’m very happy to be in this different and fun experience.


Hey there! My name is Paola, I am 25 years old and I come from Rome, Italy. After completing my Masters Degree in International Relations and International Law at the University of Bristol (UK), I decided to challenge myself by participating in an EVS project in Romania. My hope is to get more practical experience by working with endangered communities and to inspire kids from disadvantaged backgrounds to enjoy going to school, because education rocks!


Hello! I’m Alexandra, a 23 year old portuguese girl. After getting my degree in law, I decided to come to Romania because I always wanted to do international volunteering with children. I hope that during this adventure I can learn more about other cultures and meet new people.

Alexandra’s BLOG