General presentation

Nevo Parudimos NGO during 19 to 25 April 2010 organized a campaign whose purpose was to prevent acts of discrimination among people in institutions and youth. The campaign included an information component and a training one.

Information was conducted in schools in Caras-Severin and training included training of four groups: 25 teachers, 25 students, 25 students and 25 community policemen, it took place at the headquarters of the School Inspectorate Caras Severin Resita, str . Ateneului no. 1 in 19-22 April 2010. Iw was held by two lecturers from the National Council for Combating Discrimination, Ms. Sorina Diana Ureche and Mr. Stefan Ioan Vasilescu.

This campaign was part of the project “We have the same rights” implemented by the  Nevo Parudimos NGO in partnership with the School Inspectorate of Caras-Severin, The house for Teachers Caras-Severin and National Council for Combating Discrimination, which was co-financed the project.


Through activities in the project we intend to raise awareness among people in institutions (educational-teaching staff, security and order- community policemen) and youth (pupils and students) on the causes and effects of discrimination.

Specific objectives were:

  • Preventing any form of discrimination among people in institutions (educational-teaching staff, security and order, community police) and youth (pupils and students);
  • Prevention of intolerant and discriminatory attitudes towards others;
  • Youth involvement in promoting diversity in society.

Nevo Parudimos promotes tolerance, diversity and equal opportunities and is aimed at reducing disparities of economic, social and education in society through the implementation of activities designed to promote, monitor and defend human rights, the establishment of programs Community mediation, prevention of prejudice against Roma and combat social exclusion.