Roma Youth Forum – against instigating hatred speeches

Nevo Parudimos and the Civic Union of Romanian Roma Youth, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Roma Education Fund Romania, organized their first Roma Youth Forum during the 22nd -27th November 2016 at the TEI Students Complex in Bucharest.

The purpose of the event of that to increase the number of Roma youth involved in the youth civil society in Romania.

The objectives of this event aim at:

• The development of new partnerships between the civil society, public institutions and Roma youth organizations and Roma young people;
• The increase of the Roma youth’s knowledge degree referring to the youth civil society in Romania;
• The development of a Roma youth network, which can be active and fight against instigating hatred speeches;
• „The Roma Youth Forum” is a new initiative, which desires to bring Roma to the dialogue and debate for common interests on the creation of partnerships with national and international youth organisations and to fight against instigating hatred speeches.

The project Roma Youth Forum will gather, in November 2016, in Bucharest 100 young Roma young people, to participate in a workshop with the theme of non-discrimination education with the help of non-formal methods.
Young people aged 16 to 30, met during the seminar held during 6 days. In 5 working groups, they were got to know elements on which the antidiscrimination, organisational development and involvement in Roma communities, mass-media communication, voluntary, counselling and orientation concepts, using non-formal education methods.

This event is base on a significant number of indicators:
100 Roma young people participating in the meeting;
5 workshops;
10 Roma youth organisations or initiative groups;
5 national youth organisations;
2 European networks of Roma youth
15 national and international Roma activists.

The results expected from this event were:
• A development of the Roma youth involvement degree in national youth networks;
• The realisation of 5 document containing recommendations aiming to increase the participation degree of Roma youth in the Romanian civil life;
• The inclusion of Roma youth as a priority in financing programs for Romanian youth;
• The encouragement of Roma youth to participate in existent youth structures at a national level and their representation in important Roma structures at a national level;
• The increase of Roma youth visibility at a national level;

Projects realised with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Roma Foundation Roma Education Fund Romania.



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