Nevo Parudimos Association implements between 01.05.2020 – 30.11.2020 the project “Stronger Together” no. 2019-3-RO01-KA105-077968 an initiative aimed at reducing the discrimination faced by young people with disabilities, as well as their empowerment. The project is funded by the Erasmus + program and will involve a ten-day youth exchange in which 42 young people with disabilities from 6 European countries will meet in the commune of Brebu in Caras-Severin.

The project was born from the need of people with disabilities that the Nevo Parudimos Association has worked over the years to have a learning and development process tailored to their needs, so that no more differences are formed between them and other people of the same age. These young people also showed the need to communicate more with other young people and to gain more confidence in
their own strengths.

Through this project, we practically offer young people with disabilities the opportunity to work with people from different cultures and to travel abroad, to improve their self-esteem and to be more involved in society.

By implementing this project, we aim to create various activities that emphasize the creativity of the participants, folded on their situations, and that give them the opportunity to see how other people with disabilities think in different countries.

The target group of the project is young people with learning disabilities, such as:
dyslexia, dyscalculia, AD / HD etc. and young people without disabilities.


-Increasing the capacity of participants with disabilities to learn, to create something new and to live independently during the youth exchange

-Increasing the awareness of participants without disabilities about these issues and developing empathy among them.

-Improving the communication skills of the participants during the youth exchange

– Increasing the skills to adapt creative drama techniques to their lives during the exchange of young people

Our project contributes to the objectives of the Erasmus plus program with:

-increasing the participation of people with disabilities in the activities supported by Erasmus + and Youth Mobility

– targets a group of people with reduced opportunities, disabilities and contributes to improving their ability to adapt to real life and supports their independent development and their own rights

-increases the number of mobility for young people, which is an excellent opportunity for young people to know the differences and improve their skills, self-confidence and independent development

Furthermore, this project will improve the 8 key competences and skills of participants with disabilities and help them to contribute to the labor market, their inclusion in society, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue, as well as participation in democratic life in Europe and mobility opportunities.

The initiative pursues the European objectives of the Erasmus + program: the social inclusion of young people with disabilities; developing their social, civic, intercultural skills; improved access, involvement and didactic performance of disadvantaged groups, reduced disparities; integration and employability marginalized young people.

Especially in this project, we will try to address the lack of self-confidence and exclusion from society because of this low self-esteem. We want to provide an opportunity for participants to realize that they are able to do everything equally with the young people around them without a learning disability, even if they have a learning disability.

According to the “National Youth Policy Strategy 2014-2020”, it is estimated from the data presented by ANPH that we have a number of people with disabilities between 80 and 100,000 (out of a total of almost 700,000 people with disabilities in the Romanian population) with age between 14 and 34 years.

Of these, approximately 6,000 young people with disabilities are institutionalized, 500-600 are employed and over 70,000 are in the care of families, most living almost isolated from society, with a high degree of social exclusion.

So far, we have only occasionally organized activities with young people with disabilities, as our operations aim to include individuals from poor communities to provide the opportunity to involve a large and varied number of young people.

For two reasons, we want to execute this project:

– To develop more operations to address people with disabilities in society;

– To offer the opportunity to young people with disabilities from different countries who do not have access to these types of projects in their lives to participate in a global exercise of encouragement, empowerment and self-confidence.


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