Nevo Parudimos Association will host 4 volunteers from Italy, North Macedonia, Turkey, France and 2 Romanian local volunteers to come to Reșița between 01.10.2019-31.09.2020, in the project Volunteering for inclusion II (2 0 1 9 – 1 – R O 0 1 – E S C 1 1 – 0 6 2 9 6 5).

The objectives of the project are:

  • Increase the level of experience and knowledge of the 6 volunteers in the field of youth work, a pedagogy and non-formal education
  • Increase the level of foreign language knowledge of the 6 volunteers (Romanian and English)
  • Increase the confidence and spirit of initiative of the 6 volunteers involved in this project
  • Increase the degree of interaction between the young people in the placement centers in Resita and the other young people from town
  • Improve the quality of educational and leisure services offered to young people from the placement centers in Resita
  • Increase the involvement of young people with fewer opportunities in community

The volunteers have to be aged between 18 and 30 and have the following profile:

  • Be flexible, open-minded, tolerant, communicative
  • be interested in gaining experience in pedagogy, non-formal education and in working with young people – eager to learn new things and to share their experience
  • be willing to work in teams or individually with initiative and creativity
  • want to help young people
  • ready to fight against exclusion, prejudices and stereotypes
  • have beginner level of English knowledge

Volunteering within our project will consist in organizing non-formal, child-centered activities with the children and young people from the placement centers in Resita. The activities in these centers will be organized daily and they will be educational and leisure activities organized using non-formal education methodology, designed to develop creativity, involvement, participation, tolerance and acceptance among young people as well as to develop communication skills, relationship and self esteem

Beside these activities, the volunteers will organize activities aimed to involvement of local young people into social activities, to facilitate the interaction between the young people in the placement centers and locals.

Among these monthly activities, volunteers will prepare every month an activity that will have different themes and which, on the one hand, will promote the interaction between local young people, and also develop the spirit of volunteering, involvement, tolerance and understanding among young people.

We provide accommodation in a full equipped and furnished apartment – there are all the necessary conditions for a good life. Rent and utilities (water, gas, electricity) will be paid by the hosting NGO. The volunteers will be accommodated in double bedrooms. The flat has its own bathroom and kitchen as well.

If you are interested in being our volunteer just contact us to or +40738845447 | Horváth Lilla, Project Coordinator



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Hi! My name is Martina, I’m 25 years old and I came from Palermo (Italy). I’m a social worker, a singer and a cosplayer. I decided to come in Resita for this ESC to improve my skills as a social worker and to learn about the Romanian culture.


Hi! My name is Karolina, I’m a 22 years old girl from Poland. After graduating from University I decided to do an ESC in a field of non-formal education in order to use this experience in the future. Volunteering for Nevo is also a great opportunity to broaden my horizons and discover new cultures.

Hello, my name is Ema. I am from Romania. I am a sociable person, I like classical and modern music, and I absolutely love sports (football, ping-pong, foot tennis), I am multi-functional, i could say 🙂

Hello guys! My name is Rafael and I am a volunteer for Nevo Parudimos since 2015. I am very passionate about my work, but also my biggest passion is music. I am a singer, I like to write songs, mainly rap and hip-hop, most of my free time being spent in the studio, recording or mastering my music. My favorite season is summer because I can explore the nature and because time passes slower.

Hi everyone. My name is Buğra from Turkey. I’m a social worker. I decided to come in  Romania cause I wanted to improve my self and meet new people. I like discovering new cultures, spend of time with kids. I think I can develop my language and also I can learn new language in here.

Hello, I’m Ariane, a 19 years old girl coming from France. After graduating high school in literature and then experiencing some months in a design school, I decided to travel in order to get more professional and life experiences. I chose this ESC in Romania cause I always wanted to work with people and discover over cultures.

Ariane’s BLOG