During the period 01.05.2010 – 30.10.2010,, Nevo Parudimos association from Resiţa has implemented the project “Education – a chance for the future”, funded by the Youth in Action program, action 1.2 – Youth Initiatives.

The project was initiated by a group of four Roma young from the county Caras-Severin, volunteers of the association. The partners of the association in implementing the project are volunteers from the Volunteer Center of Resiţa.

The aim of the project “Education – a chance for the future” was to raise the information level of young Roma in Caras-Severin and their parents regarding the importance of education and about facilities available for pupils and students.

  • To inform Roma young from Caras-Severin regarding the special places granted for Roma young in faculties, colleges and professional school
  • To inform young Roma about governmental and civil society programs to support young people from disadvantaged communities (scholarships, college money, euro200, Roma Education Found Scholarships, Scholarships of the foundations and associations in the country and abroad)
  • To provide positive models of young people from Roma communities in Caras-Severin and their parents to motivate them to continue the study

Project activities consisted in three information campaigns:

  • one related to the special place and admission of Roma students in high schools and faculty
  • one related to the facilities eligible for pupils and students (scholarships and NGO’s and government support programs)
  • one related to the importance of education

This project was funded with support from the European Commission through the Youth in Action program, Action 1.2. Youth Initiatives. This communication reflects only the views of the author and the Commission can’t be held responsible for using the information it contains.