Nevo Parudimos is an apolitical, non governmental, non-discriminatory civic and independent  assciation from other state bodies, created by free choice and initiative of founding members in August 2008.

The purpose of the association is “Reducing economical, social and educational disparities in society”.

Since it was established, Nevo Parudimos Association held different activities for young people because we consider them to be an important factor of change in our society.  Currently the association conducts youth activities locally, regionally and nationally, and internationally through various youth mobilities.


Roma individuals and communities enjoy all areas of life at local, national and European levels without facing discrimination.


Enable civil society to contribute to strategic and inclusive local development policies in order to empower Roma and non-Roma vulnerable people to access and enjoy all their rights.

Nevo Parudimos Association is a member in 5  different European networks

  1. Youth Express Network (YEN): Network which promotes youth inclusion for youth comming from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  2. YES FORUM: Networks of organisations that works with youth from disadvantaged areas
  3. Phiren Amenca:Network that promotes international volunteering and its addreses esspecially for young Roma
  4. ternYpe: roma association network that promotes civic involvement and the development of young roma
  5. ERGO: european network that activates in public policy domain for rroma

Untill present we helped fund the following youth organizations:

  • Youth for Gataia – Gataia
  • Volunteering for all – Resita
  • Head In clouds Association – Oravita
  • Theatre group in Oravita at Technological Highscholl Mihai Novac realised with the help of a foreign group of volunteers
  • Roma Youth NGO Timisoara

The youth activities are vast and offer a possibility for our youth to further develope and learn new things:

  • Volunteering activities in Romania and abroud through Erasmus + or other financing programs by European Commision.
  • Seminars, trainings, national and international campaigns, youth exchanges inside the country and abroad with educational purpouse realised with the support of Erasmus + program and Nevo Parudimos Association and its international partners.

Our Activities reached also elements of formal education through stategic development ment to stop school dropouts of roma youth.

For more details you can contact us on our email address: