Organization’s strategic objectives 

Strategic Priorities 2022-2027:

1. Strategic & Inclusive Local Development
2. Strong Roma & non-Roma Youth Civil Society
3. Empowered & Engaged Roma & non-Roma Vulnerable People
4. Internal Capacity Building, Sustainability & Development

Developing organizational capacity through:

  • further training of staff and volunteers of the association
  • strengthening and developing its partner network
  • joining the association at national and international networks operating in the same field

Increasing the visibility and impact of the association Nevo Parudimos at the same level as the specialists, the nongovernmental sector, the public institutions and the general public by:

  • extensively propagated though the media the association’s activities
  • publication and distribution of leaflets and brochures about the activities of the association
  • organizing events with widespread impact on the community

Training development department in association by:

  • authorizing courses
  • establish partnerships to ensure spaces for courses
  • support for rural communities
  • representatives training schools and public institutions

Development of the association’s volunteering department through:

  • carrying out campaigns to attract new volunteers. New volunteers will be involved in the association’s activities. Also, we are in a partnership with the “Babes-Bolyai ” University, partnership that gives students the opportunity to undertake internships in association Nevo Parudimos.

Developing education department of the association by:

  • development of projects that will enhance the education of members of disadvantaged communities in Caras-Severin, particularly those in rural areas
  • development of information campaigns about the special places available for young Roma in high schools, vocational schools and colleges
  • Develope program that reward children good results at school

Developing the capacity of Roma communities in Caras-Severin by:

  • developing a network of Roma leaders and young people in the county
  • collaboration with local authorities in towns where there is a significant number of ethnic Roma
  • association involvment in structures at a county level, concerning ethnic Roma, offering full support to the Roma associations and to those that work in the social field in Caras-Severin county, in order to develop them.