In 2006, the Parudimos Association of Timisoara, an organization of Roma students, is looking for partners in Caraş-Severin County. The first step was to identify a group of teachers, representatives of the County School Inspectorate, the Prefect Institution, and simple people from the community who were willing to set up a subsidiary of the Timisoara Association. But that is an association of students, it does not deal with the format created in Caraş-Severin, where the group consisted of people who would have ensured a permanence. Thus it was decided that the name of the organization in Caras-Severin was Nevo Parudimos, to be linked to the name of Timisoara by name, “parody” meaning “change”.


Discussions about the establishment of an organization in Caraş-Severin started at the end of 2007, and at the beginning of 2008 they materialized.


What does a Nevo Parudimos project actually mean? The projects are born because there are problems, the main target being the diminution of the economic, social or educational discrepancies, targeting especially the Roma communities in Caraş-Severin County, over 90% of the Nevo Parudimos projects targeting the Romanian citizens of Roma origin.


In 2010-2011, the association started a POSDRU project in partnership with the Caraş-Severin County School Inspectorate which can bring the end of Nevo Parudimos. Through this project, 1,600 children from Caraş-Severin have eaten a warm daily meal for 3 years, benefited from the School-after-School program, organized meetings with their parents, and the babies benefited from this support even when the state “forgot” to send the money to this project. As the first funding on POSDRU, there were some bottlenecks caused by the existence of debts to the state, even due to the fact that the state did not pay the money to the association. Often, debts were covered by employee wages or other external funds. At that time, the whole group of 12 people left because of the lack of funds.


Gradually, the Nevo Parudimos Association reborn from its own ashes, the team now being made up of 8 people.


At present, Nevo Parudimos is an outstanding partner, including the European Commission or the Open Society Foundation, and the projects are no longer made to survive the association but to implement the planned activities.


Over the last 3 years he has worked on lobbying and advocacy at national and international level regarding Roma funding. Special work has been done on rural development, focusing on the Leader Program, and at the international level, emphasis is placed on the CLLD (Local Local Development or Local Development under Community Responsibility). There have been several meetings with the European Commission authorities lobbying for the Roma to become a priority in future funding. In 2016, through the meetings organized with the National Federation of LAGs in Romania, the idea to include in the local development strategies concrete measures, budgeted to solve the problems faced by the Roma, was promoted. As a result of this activity, EUR 20 million is currently available in the Leader Program for problems faced by the Roma.


Emphasis is also placed on repatriation programs. For example, with the City Hall of Turin there was a Roma re-integration partnership, for a family being opened a farm in Romania so that its members stay in the country.


Nevo Parudimos is a founding member of two of the European networks currently in existence on the Romanian market, being 3 in total in Europe.


In 2016, with the support of Nevo Parudimos, took place the first Roma Roma meeting in Romania, the Youth Roma Forum.


The year 2018 is announced to be extremely important for Nevo Parudimos. The association will have a series of large projects with large events that will mark a decade of existence.