Roma Forum is an informal network, without legal personality, established in 2015 and aims to involve Roma civil society in proposing solutions regarding combating discrimination against Roma and promoting human rights, and to increase the contribution and voice of Roma civil society organizations , as an important actor for the development of better policies.

Principles and values of Roma FORUM

  • respect for human rights
  • respect for the principle of anti-discrimination
  • respect for gender equality
  • promoting and appropriating pro-Roma militancy and activism
  • promoting watchdog actions
  • the fight against extremism
  • ensuring transparency
  • efficient and effective operation
  • promoting active participation
  • solidarity

The objectives of Roma FORUM are:

  • The involvement of Roma FORUM members (Roma NGOs and activists) in an efficient and quality process of proposing and monitoring public policies addressed to the Roma, regarding anti-discrimination and the promotion of respect for human rights;
  • Promotion of public policies and the legislative framework for equal access to the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Roma;
    local, national and international cooperation to strengthen dialogue between institutions and disadvantaged groups.

Within this informal network, we carry out the following types of activities:

  • analyzing existing public policies and legislation relevant to the advancement of Roma rights
    proposing public policies and improvements to existing legislation, for the advancement of Roma rights
  • stimulating cooperation and exchange of information between Roma FORUM members;
    publication of studies and reports;
  • organizing and participating in symposia, seminars, colloquiums, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, debates, courses and seminars either alone or together with other organizations, associations, foundations, as well as any other events to achieve the goal, including through self-programs standing;
  • any other activities necessary to fulfill the purpose and objectives of Roma FORUM.
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