Voluntar NevoparudimosThe Nevo Parudimos Association, with its headquarters in Resita, no. 1, Bega Street, code 320059, Caras-Severin district, is recruiting volunteers, who can assist the Nevo Parudimos Association personnel, in the activities developed by the association, in Romania and abroad.

Selection criteria:

  • The availability to participate in the Association activities at least once/week (2-4 hours);
  • The desire to become involved in socio-educational activities;
  • The availability to travel as group members in international projects;
  • The desire to learn about the NGO’s management;
  • Microsoft Office and Internet surfing knowledge;
  • The desire to build a career in NGO’s domains;
  • Knowledge of a foreign language represents an advantage (medium to advanced level).

vrei sa fii voluntar

We offer:

  • A volunteer contract according to the Law no. 78/2014 (Voluntary law);
  • Information on the Erasmus+ Program: financing opportunities, the possibility to participate in international mobility, the possibility to travel with EVS (the European Voluntary Service);
  • Involvements in the Association socio-educational activities, mainly in Roma communication, from the Mociur area;
  • The development of activities based on non-formal education, together with EVS volunteers (from Spain, Italy, France, Portugal);
  • The possibility to participate in courses and training organised inside the Marabu Camp in Milcoveni;
  • The possibility to work in a friendly, and of course, international environment;
  • The possibility to build a career in the domain.


How can you apply?

If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteer, please send your CV (Europass model) at the email address office@nevoparudimos.ro, with the subject: I want to become a volunteer, before the 16.02.2016

For more information you can contact us at the tel. no.: +40 355 429 351 (Monday-Friday, hours 10:00 -15:00).