Nevo Parudimos Association has set up, starting with November 2020, a social insertion enterprise with great plans for the inclusion in the labor market of vulnerable groups. This initiative is part of the relocation and inclusion steps implemented by Nevo Parudimos Association within Resita city.

The company is called Nevo Parudimos Servicii and operates in the fields of: construction, interior renovation, cleaning and green spaces, with employees who are exclusively part of vulnerable groups in Caras-Severin County.

Nevo Parudimos Servicii has as target group the members of ghetto communities in Resita city (Mociur, Dealu Mare, Câlnic), aiming to offer these people a workplace and also giving them the opportunity to be the direct beneficiaries of their work. Currently, the company has five employees who come from the ghetto communities in Resita mentioned above, all of them facing economical problems. The enterprise works in partnership with Reșița City Hall for the rehabilitation of social housing within the city where the inhabitants of these ghetto neighborhoods will be relocated..

Until now, Nevo Parudimos Servicii already rehabilitated 7 social houses in which the beneficiaries of Nevo Parudimos NGO, coming from ghetto communities in Resita, have already moved.

We want this company to become a sustainable one, to offer as many stable jobs as possible for the disadvantaged people in the city. At the same time, we want to be a partner for all companies that work in the field of construction in the city of Resita, and that need workers. Our long-term goal is to train the people we work with and then provide them, as a workforce, to those partner companies that need such workers.

The profit of this enterprise is reinvested in the social activities of the Nevo Parudimos Association, implemented in the communities mentioned above.