The Resita Youth Center is a space created by international volunteers of the associations Nevo Parudimos and Volunteering for All in order to bring young Resita closer to the concepts of volunteering, intercultural socialization and non-formal education.

The Youth Center was designed exclusively by young volunteers who came to Resita from all over Europe and is a unique space for socializing, learning new things, civic involvement and, last but not least, fun.
Our vision is to offer young people from the local community the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, the center’s mission being to encourage young people to explore their full potential through volunteering and civic involvement.

What is our youth center waiting for you with?

– The opportunity to capitalize on your talent and passions
– The opportunity to make new, international friends and interact with young people from other countries
– Creative workshops on various topics, organized by volunteers
– The opportunity to volunteer for the benefit of the local community
– A space for fun and relaxation with movie nights, board games, music and dance
– The opportunity to organize your own activities based on the talents or passions you have

Get involved too! We are waiting for you every day with unique activities!

You can find us from Monday to Friday, 10-18, in the courtyard of Eftimie Murgu University in Reșița (Traian Vuia Square, No. 1-4, Corpul E, ground floor on the left)