Afis Intercultural

During 01.01.2015-30.09.2015 Nevo Parudimos Association has implemented the project Act intercultural (contract no. 2014-3 – RO01 – KA105-013180), financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 1 – Youth exchanges.
Project partners were:

  • Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia)
    • Associazione Culturale Eufemia (Italia)
    • Szabad Kurzus Alapitvany – Open Course Foundation (Ungaria)
    • Teatro Do Elefante (Portugalia)
    • Tmelnik o.s. (Cehia).

The project objectives were:

  • raise the awareness of young people about their personal and cultural identity;
  • help young people to identify and combat various forms of discrimination;
  • develop empathic thinking, critical and communication skills of young participants;
  • use theater as a means of non formal education, communication and affirmation of young people;
  • participants understand and accept better intercultural diversity of their community and organize activities using forum theater as the main method.

The project’s activities contained three phases:

A.The preparation phase

When Nevo Prudimos Association has kept in touch with partners, the project’s informational package was conducted and the selection of the participants who had to complete a registration form and send it to the partner organization in the country.

B. Youth Exchange itself.

The international youth exchange entitled ” Act intercultural “, where young people from six European countries participated, the project’s location being Camp Marabu, Milcoveni village, township Berliste, Caras –Severin. During the project ” Act intercultural “between 01-10.06.2015 was organized international youth exchange entitled ” Act intercultural “.

During the 10 days of activities, young people from Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Czech Republic, Estonia and Italy, promoted tolerance and understanding, having as the main work method the forum theater. The Youth Exchange promoted the active participation of young people, because the proposed methodology was based on the principles of non-formal education. At the end of the youth exchange was performed a play on the importance of social inclusion. It was presented on the stage of the Old Theater “Mihai Eminescu”, which is the first theater in Romania. The play had a positive impact among Oravita’s residents, especially young people, being actively involved in the development of the play, suggesting and giving examples of happier and inclusive endings, in which tolerance and understanding were in the forefront.

C.The activities after the exchange, continuity

After the youth exchange organized in Romania every group of young people with the support of local partners from each country, involving local volunteers, had presented the play they created in Romania, in their own countries.

The results of this project have been very important especially for the young participants and group leaders directly involved in the project. They have come to understand better what it means to be tolerant and learn to respect the values ​​of others.
One of the most remarkable results of this project is represented by a participant from Portugal, Filipe Oliveira, who fell in love with Romania, the village life and  the residents, so now he’s conducting an EVS internship for a year, being very happy to be back on Romanian rural lands .Also, the group leader from Italy, Romano Arianna – expert in theater – continued to keep in touch with the young people in the village, returning to Milcoveni for three days to visit them with joy and spend time with them. The children were very excited and expect to be visited again be the young, beautiful and talented Aria.
A very important role in project implementation have been our partners :

– Coefficient Association from Hungary

Association ProAtlantico from Portugal

The project was financed by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 1 – Youth exchanges.


• Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia)
• Associazione Culturale Eufemia (Italia)
• Szabad Kurzus Alapitvany – Open Course Foundation (Ungaria)
• Teatro Do Elefante (Portugalia)
• Tmelnik o.s. (Cehia).

This project is co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus + program.


This communication reflects the author’s opinions and the European Commission can’t be made responsible for the use of the information contained.



Benjamin Rézműves, Ungaria

I was waiting for this project a lot, I was curious who I meet and live with. My only fair was the language barrier, but the group leaders helped me and I could communicate by non-verbal techniques as well. My biggest experience was the interculturality. The interoperability and colors of cultures showed me to accept others and to be more human.


Kreator Jakovlev, Estonia

The project created a channel between various cultures! People from different areas/countries came together in to one place and created this kind of family…even if we did not understand each other completely! But we understood each other through our actions.

Kreator Jakovlev, Estonia


Anna Książczak, Cehia

Thanks to this project we learned about forum theatre and managed to create a theatre piece, which is a great success. In addition, we might have influenced also people in Oravita to change their way of thinking and by that we passed on gained knowledge and had a lot of fun at the same time.

Filipe T. Oliveira, Portugalia

The time I spent in Milcoveni, within the ‘Act Intercultural’ project, was one of the best moments i’ve ever experienced. There are plenty of reasons that sustains my opinion. I could talk about the food, which I loved! I could also talk about the camp, which had awesome conditions, with wifi, comfortable bedrooms and a beautiful outside garden. The village itself is awesome. But people were the ones that made those ten days so special. Everyone embraced the project so well that it became easy to accomplish the final objective, the theatre piece, where everyone (people from the village and us participants) discussed important social problems at the end. I’m coming back to Milcoveni as I write these testemony on the train. And I’m just so anxious to come back. Thank you.


Filipe T Oliveira


Laura Turcu, Romania

Act Intercultural” was an inclusive project which brought together national and international minorities, from 6 countries, with the desire of collaborating together and embracing the village life for 9 days, debating about the situation of discriminated people in Europe through non-formal activities, organized by the coordinators and group leaders, which did a good job and helped accomplish the objective of the project. For me it was a great opportunity to be a leader and take part in such a diverse group.

laura turcu

Arianna Romano, Italia

I enjoyed a lot the time in Milcoveni, I felt at home, like I knew the organization team from years and met the comunity was very amazing. The group experience also was wonderful, in particular to know people from all over Europe and to share tradition and cultures. The theatrical work was very exciting, the group react very well to my proposal . It was a moment of growth. Thank you!

Arianna Romano Italia