During 01.01.2015-30.09.2015 Nevo Parudimos Association implemented the project multimeasure Acting Youth Employment (contract no. 2014-1 – RO01 – KA105-013283) project financed by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, Key Action 1 – Youth exchanges.

The project “Acting Youth Employment” have organized two youth exchanges with the same title, which was attended by 120 young people from Romania , Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany, the working methods wre based on the principles of non-formal educatio , through the active involvement of young people.
The overall objectives of the project were :

= To develop cooperation between 10 youth associations in Europe;

= Participants to better understand the situation of youth unemployment in Europe;

= To develop the cooperation and participation of young people in the fight against unemployment;

= To promote non-formal education and practical learning for the 120 young people from the two exchanges;

= To promote tolerance and understanding among 120 young people from 10 different countries.
The project activities included four phases:

A. Preparation phase – when the Nevo Parudimo Asssocitation kept in touch with partners,  conducted the project’s informational package (InfoPack), including two shifts, then began selecting the participants who had to completed an application form and have it sent to the partner organization the certain country. Also discussed the program of the two exchanges and which partner has certain workshops.

B. The first youth exchange took place in the period 20.06 – 30.06.2015, at Camp Marabu, Milcoveni village in Caras Severin County. In the first youth exchange entitled Youth Employment Acting attended by 60 young people from Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany, five participants + one group leader per country. The main objectives of the exchange were:
-To Provide the opportunity to 60 young people to discover more practical aspects of the job’s  characteristics they might choose in the future;

-To Provide the opportunity to the 60 participants to be part of an intercultural environment;

-To Provide the chance for the 60 participants to understand how the decision about the desired study could influence their future life;

-To Provide the 60 participants the chance to discover opportunities offered by Erasmus + and other European programs for study abroad and career development .

Among the most suggestive activities of the program are: getting to know each other exercises, team building, presenting the unemployment situation in the participating countries, visiting various jobs, Erasmus + and Youthpass presentation, follow –up activities and many other dedicated workshops, designed to open discussions between participants and representatives from institutions and intragroup and intergenerational discussions. The exchange was promoted by a press release.

C.The second youth exchange – 24.07 – 02.08.2015, at Camp Marabu, Milcoveni village. During the youth exchange entitled Acting Youth Employment 60 young people attended from Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany, five participants + one group leader per country. The main objectives of the exchange were:
-Help 60 young people discover several ways to approach an interview, learn how to properly complete a CV and how to write a motivational letter;

– To provide the opportunity for the 60 young people to live in a multicultural environment;

– To develop the knowledge of youth about Erasmus + and EURES;

– To offer participants the opportunity to learn more about LARP (Live Action Role Play), to practice the method and use it to simulate an interview for a job.

In this exchange , participants debated the unemployment situation in their countries and possible solutions , they found EURES , the European platform through which they can search for jobs abroad ; participants learned what LARP and how it can be used to address various issues of European interest , as they develop a script on ” interviews and conflicts at work” , where they could personally experience how does an interview unfold and what are the possible conflicts between employees and how they can be solved . The exchange was promoted by a press release.

D. Dissemination and follow up – in this last phase of the project each partner has the responsibility to disseminate the project and to continue unemployment activities on a local level. Flyers were also created for the two exchanges, including summary information about the project and impressions of some participants.
Results of project goals include: M. G., leader of the group from Italy in the first exchange, received a job offer and is currently working in Romania within the Nevo Parudimos  Association in Resita; S. G., participating from Slovakia in the second exchange, after the project she was hired at Telekom in Bucharest where she is still working to this prezent day; there was created an unofficial network of young people who wanted to repeat the experience and to work together in the future to increase their chances of employment at European level.


This communication reflects the author’s opinions and the European Commission can’t be made responsible for the use of the information contained.





Michał Kobecki Polonia

Youth exchange in Milcoveni Village was an experience I will never forget. Amazing opportunity to work with people from all around Europe in peaceful and beautiful place.  Michal (Copy)

Ekaterina Suprunova – Spania (Kati Sky)

At first I didn’t know what to expect or what are we going to face in this project, but for my surprise I have found a lot of amazing people. During the project we had a very good time. I hope to meet this people again and on day visite Milcoveni ones again.   Ekaterina (Copy)

Bianca Gubová – Slovacia

So, the first feeling of beeing in Romania was little bit different than in my country. I think, Romania is interesting country full of nice people and calm atmosphere. First time, I found out that I will be leader of Slovak group I was worried, especially because of my english skills. But now, I can say, that it improved very well. The time there was amazing, a lot of new people of various nationalities and the best was how to spend time usefully – informal education. I like games, discussions, people as I said and in the global, I like that place. Thank you for having a great time here, I wish you all the best.  Bianca (Copy)

Peter Jonas– Ungaria

Since I’m part of the youth – I was interested and I am touched in this topic. I got more infos about unemployment than I ever expected to. I had fun,a lot of, really a lot of. The village and the nature (so the atmosphere) around us made everything much more different from the other workshops (of course I meant in the good way).Peter (Copy)

Ondřej Zedníček – Cehia

The project was one of the best! The place in Milcoveni was great because i discovered the true romanian village! Also the program was really interesting and it opened my knowledge about field of job! – Ondrej


Christopher Wolf – Polonia

I got from this project something much more than I expected. The team was great, the process of integration was very fast and deep. The methods and tools used in the project were creative and able to teach about the spirit of Erasmus+.Christopher (Copy)

Sona Géciová – Slovacia

This project was very positive experience for me, it helped me realised many things about me and think more about my future. Thanks to AYE I could meet many great people from all Europe and get closer to Romanian culture, what influenced me in choosing my new job. Sona (Copy)

Pedro J. Plaza González – Spania

Going in a camp like Marabu Camp in Milcoveni has been one of the best experience in my life: culture, knowledge, friends, games and adventure, a lot of adventure. I would like to repeat! Pedro (Copy)

Sanje Henderson – Olanda (Jerobeam Artist )

For me the project was surprising me allot because i learnt new things and i made new friends all over Europe now I , i learn how important it is to have a correct CV i had a amazing time this project was a very nice and good one I hope to join a other in the future Greetings

I loved the placed were we stay cause it opened mine eyes and show me the opportunities that i got back in mine own country And that i should grab them to make by example the change that i want to see’Sanje (Copy)

Antinia Iovanovici – Romania

This was the first Youth Exchange I attended and it was a very important lesson for me. I have learned that I am not affraid to talk in front of many foreign people. I have learned a lot about other cultures and, of course, lots of new words in different languages. I have learned that there a lots of differences between individuals, but in Europe we all have practicly the same needs ( for example in all the countries you need a CV for employment and every participant knows, after this project, how to create a CV ). I will certainly miss the times I have spent there. Antinia (Copy)

Pavlina Pupíková – Cehia

The project was great way how to know romanian countryside and people who live in. We have pretty good “local experience”. Moreover we met a lot of awesome people in the project whom we are in touch with.”