During February-October 2010, Nevo Parudimos Association of Resita applied the Roma Youth – European Youth project, funded by the European Union through the Youth in Action Programme.

This project was dedicated to the youth coming from a variety of cultural backgrounds, youth workers, social workers, to the people activating in the youth field, youngsters with fewer possibilities, Roma youth and trainers working with them, and consisted of a 7-day training course that took place in Baile Herculane between 15-21 May 2010, attended by 27 youngsters from 5 countries – Romania, Lithuania, Austria, Germany and France.

Through this project the Nevo Parudimos Association plans to help the youth workers with Roma beneficiaries, thus increasing the youngsters access to youth activities leading to growing their social inclusion.

The project targets were:

– to prepare youth workers for the Roma youth;
– to empower young participants to develop activities promoting the inclusion;
– to plan and carry out other projects to include the Roma youth that use the new working methods experienced during the training course;
– to recognize forms of prejudice and discrimination in their everyday life, to know the Roma customs, traditions and history so that it’s easier to understand and acceppt them.

According to the Youth in Action Programme, this training course promoted the youngsters active participation, the proposed methodology being based on the principles of non-formal education, the cultural diversity being ensured by involving young people from those five countries, both Roma and majority representatives.

As a result of this project, contacts were established  between youth organisations working with young Roma throughout Europe, thus laying the grounds for new projects dedicated to this youth group.

The parters involved int the project were:

– Nevo Parudimos Association – Romania
– Divers Association- Romania
– Institutul Intercultural Timisoara – Romania
– Youth Express Network – France
– Romano Ilo – Austria
– The public Institution Roma Comunity Centre- Lithuania
– MADHOUSE gemeinnuntzige GmbH – Germany

The most important result of this project was the development of the 9 Steps Guide- how to work with roma youngsters.

This project was founded with support from the European Commission. This press release reflects solely the author’s views and the Commission can not be held responsible for using the information it contains.