Programme CITIZ – Europe for Citizens

Action REMEM – REM – Strand 1: European remembrance

Proposal Call for Proposal 2019 – EACEA-51-2018

Application No 609055-CITIZ-1-2019-1-RO-CITIZ-REMEM

Project duration: 01.09.2019 – 30.03.2021

Project description:

This project aims to raise a strong awareness on Porrajmos concentrating on the events taken place in the Balkans, Hungary and Transnistria before,during,after WWII, in order to preserve the memory of the Roma and Sinti victims of Nazism. As our European values and integration are fundamentally built on our historical experience and memory, we need to shed light on the forgotten Roma genocide, the over 500.000 victims, and the continuation of social exclusion, Antigypsyism and hate speech as a consequence of the ignorance and lack of recognition of the Roma Genocide.

This project builds the capacity of educators, citizens and a wide network of civil society organizations to lead educational and citizens’ initiatives for remembrance and education on local, national and European level. It reveals under-researched areas of Roma Holocaust to the wider public, it stimulates debates about our culture of remembrance by and with Roma communities with a focus on the role of young people now and in the future to preserve our European memory.

This project aims to engage Roma minority, non-Roma and youth organizations in an education and awareness-raising campaign, and to advocate the recognition of the Roma Genocide through August 2nd as an official day of remembrance on European level. The citizens and NGOs engage into the current policy-making process for the recognition of the Roma genocide on European and national level. This project brings over 3400 citizens together, as well as survivors, eye witnesses, experts and different generations in various international meetings and conferences. Through local actions and on-line campaigning, we target directly 3400 citizens, and envisage reach out indirectly and multiply up to 100.000 through media tools.

As a result we will produce a Manual for workshops on the Roma Genocide in a political frame including guidelines for advocacy, highlight the main events and update researches, use social media tools to document our actions .

How was this partnership built?

This project was initiated by ternYpe International Youth Network, Nevo Parudimos took the main lead in this project. Nevo Parudimos has an extensive experience in non-formal education, campaigning, advocacy, training, local mobilization and empowerment, volunteering, inter-cultural dialogue and inclusion.

On the other hand, ternYpe is recognized as one of the key stakeholders of Roma youth self-organization and empowerment. The European Commission DG Justice recognizes ternYpe as one of the major civil society actors for Roma inclusion, thus, invites ternYpe to all its consultation meetings and the European Roma Platform. The Council of Europe recognizes ternYpe as an international youth organization and key stakeholder of the CoE “Roma Youth Action Plan” steering group.

Nevo Parudimos is committed to Roma youth and empowerment, history, remembrance in Romania, starting to be active in 2008, organizing series of events, artistic camps, consultation, training in youth empowerment and mobilization, Roma history, working in Human and minority rights etc. Nevo Parudimos is coordinating the overall project, appointing a diverse staff with expertise and experience in the topic, including an experienced trainer and community facilitator founding member of Ternype and Phiren Amenca EU networks working with Roma youth. In 2015 Nevo Parudimos has implemented the project 70 “Years after Auschwitz …” contract no 564398-CITIZ-1-2015-RO-CITIZ-REMEM in which we brought together 1000 young Roma and non-Roma in a educational and commemoration event in Krakow, Poland with a similar partnership.

The team is supported by different NGO’s and networks such as RROMA, Amaro Foro, Co-efficient, ERGO Network, Association Walk Together, Serbian Roma Youth Association, Roma Active Albania, United Societies of Balksns who have staff of experienced project managers and educators with plenty of experiences on European level. The staff members of the project have a strong capacity in international project management, accountability and media communication and dissemination, coordinating the events in each of the partner countries.

Project activities

All the methodology is based on an inclusive, participatory and empowering approach, taking into account the needs of the Roma and non-Roma young people, the interests of the experts and partners and building partnerships on all levels to transfer, disseminate and exploit successful practices within and outside the project taking into account the educational, human rights and youth policy context.

A2. Stakeholder and Network Meeting on Roma Genocide Rembrance: A conference will be organised in the university of Skopje on Roma Holocaust with experts, political stakeholders and universities. A commemoration will be organised, the methodology will be tested ( this activity will be organised at the beginning of March)

A3. Experts and educator’s seminar: A seminar to capacitate the coordinators of the National campaigns on education about Roma Holocaust which put together experts, local young people and survivors will be organised in Berlin. Networking between youth educators and experimented experts and institutions will be done. Finish the educational tool.

A4. Local educational campaign on Roma Holocaust: we train 160 ppl to organise local workshops on Roma Holocaust, will be created new partnerships with educational institutions, 20 workshops for Roma and non-Roma young people/ country will be organised

Each partner organise a local training in which you train young people/ teachers/ volunteers to use the methodology developed by RROMA in the previous project and they will run each a workshop in their school/ NGO/community

A5. Transnistria Remembrance Days: International 5 days, education and remembrance, lasting seminar gathering over 100 Young people from 10 European countries will be organised in Craiova, Romania to raise awareness about Transnistria Deportation.

A6. Conference Roma holocaust in the scholastic curricula: 2 days conference with educational, Roma Holocaust and Human rights experts organised in Budapest Hungary. A recommendation paper will be drafted and sent to the ministries of education from participating countries and European institutions.

A7. European Conference on education and Remembrance on Roma Genocide: hearing in the European Parliament will be organised underlining the need for action against antigypsyism and commemorating the Roma Holocaust, presenting the results of the project and establishing long-term European alliances

How is this project funded?

This project is funded by Europe For Citizens Programme which is supported by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of European Commission under the topic of European Remembrance 2020.


    • Nevo Parudimos
    • Roma Active Albania
    • United Societies of Balkans
    • Association Walk Together
    • Rroma
    • Amaro Foro e.V.
    • Association Co-Efficient
    • Serbian Roma Youth

For more information, check the project website HERE.